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Let Me Introduce Myself


Gillian Gillies, Principle & Founder of Gillian Gillies Interiors Inc. is an award winning British residential designer who has called Toronto, Ontario home for the past 12 years. In addition to running her referral lead residential firm she is also co-founder of DesignDocs Inc. and the interior designer behind the flourishing upholstered furniture range Essence.

Gillian likens the job of a residential designer as to being part fairy godmother part magician – it’s my job to make dreams come true, fix things that people didn’t even know were broken, transform the unworkable and neglected areas of their home into a destination or a retreat. A great design scheme can renovate not just your home but also your soul, your entire outlook on your day can change by just sleeping in a comfy bed, showering in a great bathroom or making your morning coffee in a fully functional kitchen. It’s that simple. In this crazy overloaded life we all now lead, Gillian strives to provide her clients with tailored results, custom made for them. It requires more than the waving of a wand; it requires skill, experience, humility and integrity as well as a good sense of a humour!

Gillian Gillies

Custom millwork, bespoke lighting and stellar storage solutions are all signature hallmarks in Gillian’s authentic interior design schemes. These can be realized because of the relationships that she has developed and built up over the years. Gillian has access to first class contracting firms, local craftspeople and artisans. These steadfast relationships, which are based on mutual trust and respect, allow Gillian to dream big, push the envelope a little and ultimately exceed her client’s expectations time and time again. It’s why clients consistently refer her to their friends and family.

In addition to locally sourced materials and product, Gillian also allocates time to attend trade shows in the US and Europe every year. Here one-off items can be procured for client projects.

Our Service Experience

Renovations can be stressful, they are dusty and most of us only want the good bit at the end (this we TOTALLY understand). We make getting to the end (the BEST bit) a clearly defined path by ensuring works don’t begin until all decisions are made and materials have been ordered.

Our clients are an integral part of the design process, we believe in clear, timely communication on everything from project status to costs. It’s one of the things that sets us apart from the pack. At every stage of the process we are talking to our select group of suppliers and trades people to ensure that everyone is working together towards the same goals. This way, with detailed instructions and on-site implementation, our suppliers and trades can successfully transform our proposals into your new reality.

Our client contract is straightforward and concise; it details how we work, how we bill and it clarifies designer discounts and how they are shared. There is no guessing on your part. We provide clear financial reports throughout the process, so you’ll always know the total value of the project being managed by Gillian Gillies Interiors Inc, and where your monies have been distributed. Because of our principles, referrals and repeat clients are a large proportion of our business.

Projects We Undertake

Gillian Gillies Interiors Inc. specializes in Residential Interior Design. Our Full Service Design Projects range from the decoration of a single room to the renovation and design of an entire home. Examples of such projects can be found on the portfolio section of our website. Please review the before and after segments of each portfolio to get a real understanding of the things we do, the after shots only tell part of the story.

Kitchen- Renovation

Our Full Service Design Projects all work from the same template. We begin with a 2HR consultation to discuss your likes, dislikes, must have’s and desires. We kindly ask that all decision makers are present at this initial meeting. It ensures that everyone is heard and everyone’s ideas can be put into the melting pot. Following this meeting we begin to work on your project. This means one return visit to site with all the relevant trades and then we create scaled layouts & drawings, source all the fixtures & finishes, request and receive estimates from our trades and craftspeople. We return and present to you our vision for your home along with all the detailed costings. We make it that simple to say yes.

We believe that inspired, creative design works hand in hand with clear and open dialogue between client and designer. Experience has taught us over and over again that when there is trust between both parties that is when the magic happens. It’s these projects that we excel on; these are the ones that we are the most proud of and where the client’s expectations are far exceeded.

In addition to our Full Service Design Projects we also offer a 2hr Consultation.

2hr Consultation

This consultation is perfect for those who want to gain some initial direction but are happy to then work on their own (you may have just moved home, feel like your current décor is stuck in a time warp or are having a special event and need some ideas on how to change things up a little). We can help by listening to your ideas, adding our own and providing you with some clear direction on what the next steps should be.

A 2hr consultation is also a great starting point for those who are looking to source a designer to assist them on an on-going basis with their project. A 2hr consultation lets you meet, discuss and develop your plans and ideas prior to committing to a full-time project.  It’s also a great ‘new home’ gift.

2hr Consultation with Gillian Gillies $600.00 plus HST (for addresses within the GTA).

What People Say About Us

  • Sublime Bathing

    “We highly recommend Gillian Gillies Interiors for all your renovation and decorating needs. She is a true professional who is efficient, knowledgeable and very pleasant. We will definitely use her services in our future renovation plans.”
  • Basement Bliss

    “She is creative, professional and her attention to detail is impeccable. Gillian always has wonderful and practical ideas and somehow manages to incorporate all of our sometimes conflicting instructions – on time and within budget. Our basement is truly spectacular now – so much so that I am still sometimes surprised (happily) that it is in our house!”
  • Not Just a Pretty Bathroom Reno

    “Gillian, is a consummate professional. She is fresh, innovate, detailed and edgy. Her work sparkles. She has uncanny insight and knows my mind and taste better than I do. Gillian is very careful whom she hires, making sure the tradespeople are talented, diligent, and respectful of the job, each other, their hosts, and their environment. She has transformed our home with light and texture, colour and shape.”
  • Waterfront Condo Renovation

    “We can’t thank you enough for creating a spectacular home for us.  Not only have you created a stellar designed suite but one that is comfortable to live in.It is both amazing and impressive how you were able to know exactly what we desired for our home.  The part of the project where we gave you carte-blanche because we had no clue what we wanted turned out to be our most favourite.  Your professionalism, expertise and most importantly warmth, made this project so easy and truly a delight.”
  • Decoration of New Home, Avenue & Lawrence

    “In terms of your fees, we feel that we received excellent value for the services you have provided.  We have never questioned any of your bills because they are well presented and always feel appropriate.  We find it helpful that the bills itemize your activities, costs and are delivered to us regularly.  Lastly, you are a nice person and a pleasure to deal with.  No ego and no attitude.”

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The 11 images shown below each represent a Full Service Design Project that we have recently had the pleasure of working on. You can click on each of these images to view the entire project – including before & after shots.

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Project Portfolio Images were taken by Tim McGhie. Thank you Tim for showing my work in its best light!