I am feeling like a petulant toddler who is fed up waiting, but it’s officially here – March has arrived albeit along with -24 wind chill but hey, it’s officially spring so what’s a double figure in the minuses! At least we are heading in the right direction…

via Etsy.

The clocks change this weekend – it’s my husband’s least favourite day of the year (and let’s be honest I don’t love losing an hour either), I try to conceal the date from him as long as possible as well as being in denial myself, but he always finds out and we start to change the clocks in advance of the big day. I know that from today I can only really relay on my own wristwatch for accurate timing. Other clocks have or are soon to be updated so we can ‘pretend’ that we didn’t just loose an hour. It’s madness but it gets us through!

Anyhow I digress, it’s March – how can March be any other colour but yellow? Now truth be told I have come a long way with yellow. It’s never been a favourite colour of mine – I have Scottish coloured hair and skin and it combined with any pastel shade makes me look quite ill. However over the past few years I have cultivated a real love for the colour gold. The warmer more sophisticated version of yellow (in my opinion). I wear it, decorate with it and generally go weak at the knees for all things sunny gold.

Here are a few of my picks and treats all taken from my pinterest board called mustard yellow. Hopefully these will brighten up your weekend. As you can see I like a mere smattering of mustard in a design – a little like the amount you would put on a sandwich. It doesn’t take much to warm up a room and elevate the feel and mood of the space. My eye naturally goes to the warm glow-ey colour and it makes all of these spaces and things look and feel very inviting, a little like the glow from a candle or a fire.

Veere Greeney via Veranda.

via Traditional Home.

Jacques Grange via Veranda

via Elle Decor

Rose Uniacke via Elle Decor

Via Houzz, Source unknown

If in doubt buy some daffodils and stick them in a big vessel!!!

via Veranda

Have a great weekend.

Best, Gillian



Images in order of appearance

Flagship store front of Bottega Venetta via Elle Decor, You are My Sunshine Poster via Etsy, Veere Greeney via Veranda, Gold Frame via Traditional Home, Jacques Grange via Veranda, Art above gray bench via Elle Decor, Yellow Draperies in Room by Rose Uniacke via Elle Decor, Pinch Pleat heading via Houzz – source unknown, Daffodils via Veranda.


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