Coming Home….

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Project Monty completely fell of my blogging radar – so I am in super-sonic catch-up mode on this one. My lovely clients moved back home at the end of June and we are now puttering away on the finishing items – draperies, window seat cushions and furnishings. Once the dust has settled it’s always to lovely to look back at where you came from.

The project began in early January, it was a frigid month and every time I arrived on site the temperatures would literally plummet, it became a bit of a standing joke. My arrival was normally heralded by a drop of at least 10 degrees or a heavy snowfall. Down-coat, two pairs of gloves, hat and thermal boots became the uniform of choice. We all bundled around hugging cups of tea for warmth.

This home began life as a bungalow and we added a second floor. To me the entrance foyer in a home sets the stage for what to expect elsewhere and this one does not disappoint. I love the entrance foyer here – it combines all my favourite elements. It’s light, it has great storage (my clients and I had to battle a bit for that one, it meant losing some space in the dining room but a family home HAS to have a generous sized hall closet), I love the millwork on the staircase and the combination of the hardwood, mosaic tile and wool runner.

February 2011 – we had a set of temporary stairs installed up to the new second floor.

We added panelling to the entrance foyer and the stair walls – a great way to add detail and a touch of formality to the space. It also provides a very durable surface, perfect in a family home.

The treads, newel post and handrail were stained and the risers and spindles were painted.

A wool carpet with a trellis pattern added the finishing touch.

The mosaic tile in the entrance foyer and the crisp ivory and chocolate trimmed blinds in the dining and living rooms compliment the scheme.

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