Hurrah! I love Friday’s. They are normally pretty hectic and today is no different. I’m a little concerned at what looks to be snowflakes dancing outside my window. I was trying to pretend that they were cherry blossoms but sadly they are not………….

Having been away for 2 weeks I have come home to a mountain of magazines. Sunday morning tends to my day to get up really early (odd I know) and devour at least 3/4 magazines. I so miss the Sunday UK newspapers. It was such a culture shock when I moved here and had to read my weekend news on a Saturday. Yes, we have Saturday papers in the UK but they are merely the appetizer for the main course that arrives on Sunday. The Sunday papers are the best in the world, they are massive and come with many supplements to keep you entertained all week long. One of my lovely friends from back home sends me random copies of the Sunday Times Style Magazine (I save them for a Sunday, regardless of the day they arrive). So, in a nutshell I think this is where my habit for reading on a Sunday morning comes from.

This is this weekend’s stash

A totally winning combination of design, fashion, food & entertaining. It’s the perfect way to start a new work week with your head filled to the brim with new ideas and utterly gorgeous images. Maybe snow wouldn’t be too bad a thing. That way I’ll have an excuse to stay indoors and read all weekend.

Have a great weekend, whatever the weather and whatever you do!


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