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My inbox has just delivered great news – Americo Original now has an on-line store. Americo is located on Queen street West near Bathurst in Toronto and it’s one of the most wonderful stores in Toronto. If you don’t live near by you can now have their yarns delivered to your front door.

It’s a knitting store – but this is streets ahead of your normal knitting supply shop. This is a tactile delight – angora, alpaca & merino wools line the walls. Their patterns are only available if you purchase their yarns but every pattern is made up for you to try on in-store.

I am a rubbish knitter – I have illusions of wandering around draped in some wonderful piece that I’ve created but the reality is far from that. Knowing me it would end up caked in drywall dust but a girl can dream…. I think I should get points for participation. I go in and fall in love and tell myself that this time it will all come together but my tension is erratic. But I enjoy knitting and I don’t gift my creations so really where’s the harm?

If you are a knitter or a wannabe knitter or just want to see gorgeous pieces of knitwear – this is the place for you and it’s now on-line. They even have walnut knitting needles..

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