This is a quote taken from a Steven Jobs speech, that Restoration Hardware’s Gary Friedman, has chosen to launch their Spring 2012 Sourcebook with. I’ll be honest I have a love hate relationship with RH.

I totally love their bathroom hardware – I honestly think you’d struggle to find such good quality pieces that are so well priced elsewhere. Things are normally in stock in the US and shipping takes a few days. Life for sure is too short to have a bathroom that doesn’t have enough well placed hooks, towel bars and mirrors! It’s a place you use everyday and next to the kitchen its an absolute must to have all functioning well.

However, if I had to live with any of these pieces from RH I would be wishing someone would put me out of my misery so I wouldn’t have to look at them all day long. I find them absurd. I think the people who make them must spend their days laughing their heads off at the insanity of it all.

This piece is designed (I think) so you can hide your embarrassment at having purchased it in the first place by closing oneself inside – its currently marked down – not that this should be any encouragement to buy one.

This is designed for the guy who has purchased a way too big TV and is trying to conceal the fact by ‘hiding’ it on a massive trunk.

Or, my all time favourite, the shoot-me-now sectional

However, and now I am back to the love side of the relationship, the BIG STYLE SMALL SPACES catalogue issue has me seriously coveting and wanting to specify several pieces of furniture.

Firstly the 19TH C Keyhole Metal Arch Bed – it’s divine.

1920’s French Metal Side Table – its $195.00 – what’s not to love. Personally I’d use this piece outdoors, it would look great on a back deck. It’s far more rustic in real life than it looks in the picture which is why I’d use it outside only.

Coat Rack Bench – super functional and it comes in two sizes.

So yes, live each day like its your last and think seriously about what you are going to be looking at! Having a gorgeous well-edited well-planned home will make you want to live longer! Guaranteed.

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