When I go on vacation I always look to bring something back from my travels. The only real criteria is that my finds are small, relatively inexpensive and portable. I use the word portable lightly – having once had to buy a larger piece of carry-on-luggage to accommodate two must-have wall sconces from a trip to Italy…………..I have amassed quite the collection of buttons (more about these on another blog) but on my last trip home my lovely friend took me to a vintage barn (in the middle of a farmer’s field) and I stumbled across two pairs of vintage door knobs. They screamed “buy me” and so I did! They are quite lovely, the brass plates are a tad tarnished and I might consider having them re-plated, it all comes down to where they will be installed and what the overall feel of the piece / room will be.

There is something quite Kelly Wearstler about them….

I can see them installed on a pair of bedroom closet doors – they would look fabulous in a bedroom like this, only I would position them in the middle of the door. This would make more of a statement.

They could look gorgeous in an office that looked like this, imagine them on a vintage credenza.

Or in Candace Bushnell’s living room they would work wonderfully on the lower doors of her built-in cabinets – again I would center the handles on the door frames to give them more presence.

Decisions, decisions, for now they look lovely, sitting on top of a stack of design books in my office, adjacent to a bowl of buttons…………….



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