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Posted by Gillian Gillies | 04 Nov, 2010 | No Comments on Considerate Design

This morning I was fortunate to attend a trade event at Threadcount Inc. Threadcount has a wonderful selection of natural fabrics – silks, wools, linens and cottons. I specify their products on almost every project I work on.

Today’s seminar was centered on the theme of Responsible Design. As designers we get to choose what products end up in our clients homes; what their children end up sitting on and what materials they go to sleep on. Our clients quite literally eat, sleep and breathe our selections. In North America we spend a staggering 87% of our time indoors. If our fabrics are laden with chemical cleaners and dyes then they off-gas in our home – that ‘new smell’ is not a healthy one.

Using a natural fabric such as linen is not good enough – you have to know how it’s been cleaned and dyed because the natural fabric may end up being anything but natural in your space. Fabrics with the oeko-tex certification guarantee “a comprehensive level of safety for all levels of production – from the manufacture of yarns to the finished product”. Threadcount Inc’s core range of fabrics meets these strict guidelines and they are constantly striving to raise the bar. A real market leader!

Sheer linen blinds held in place with cotton tape - a perfect solution for a kitchen window.

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