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Posted by Gillian Gillies | 23 Jan, 2011 | No Comments on Farrow & Ball

On Thursday evening I attended a trade-only event at F&B headquarters on Yonge Street www.farrow-ball.com to view the new paint colours that will be available for general release on February 1st. I adore Farrow & Ball paints – always have, always will. Their paints are free of VOC’s and harmful ingredients and, although their palette is edited to a mere (!) 132 colours you can always find the perfect compliment to a design scheme.

Each shade comes with its own detailed description, come mini-history lesson. Colours such as Slipper Satin, Pigeon and Mouse’s Back are firm favourites that I use over and over again.

I love the description of Mouse’s Back – “A quiet yet neutral dark stone or drab colour. Not recommended for use with white but very useful as an early 18th centaury colour”. It’s so typically British – it has that no nonsense, slightly bossy view point that will ensure that it never does get used with white!

Mouse’s Back on walls with Slipper Satin trim – divine!

However, back to their nine new colours – they feature shades of heather and pewter and a very bold gingery-orange called ‘Charlottes Locks’. My favourites from the new collection are Manor House Gray and Plummett. I already know where these are going to be specified. Calluna would be lovely in a girl’s bedroom – it’s a sophisticated greyed lilac that will stand the test of time.

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