Hello 2015, very pleased to meet you…..

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…not that I didn’t like 2014 – in fact I’m a little more than sad to see it go.

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I tend to get all sentimental at New Year even though I do like the global fresh start and anticipation of doing all better, smarter and more efficiently whilst living on smoothies and doing yoga daily. It ain’t going to happen, but most of us, at least privately, will admit to thinking about improving our ways.

I’ve never been one for New Year resolutions, I have a bit of a stubborn, individualist streak that sees me wanting to do the exact opposite of everyone else. So I struggle with going with the flow and setting out my goals along with the rest of humanity on January 1st. It means that everyone tends to begin crashing and burning around mid-February when the mind-numbing weather has us broken. I am sure it’s why we now (in certain Canadian provinces) have Family Day in February – it’s not Family Day, it should be renamed – We Know By Now You Will Have Fallen off The New Year New You Train So We Are Giving You This Day to Gorge on Chocolate In Bed and To Get Over Yourself.

The sanctuary of my yoga studio goes out the window in January, it’s full of new bodies, in new spandex (hopefully Lulu – nothing sheer dear god) all trying to start the new year off right. I just wish for January to be gone already so that the newbies can go back to their normal lives and I can spread out my arms (I have crazy long arms) without slapping my neighbours. But that is mean of me and very not yoga. So I’ll suck it up and go with the restricted (for space) flow and know that all will be better by months end.

Last year I decided to just give the year a word. A simple word that would sum up what I wanted 2014 to be all about. Finding the right word was very easy – I chose BALANCE. I wanted something I could relate to all aspects of my life and you know something – it really worked for me. No lists just a word, give it a go – it’s magically simple and effective. Think of what you crave and condense it down to a single word, it removes all the chatter and the endless lists.

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This year my word is going to be – SANCTUARY. It’s what I create for my clients and it’s what I want to carve out a little more for me and my loved ones. Every seminar / course / webinar / sales event / conference I have attended always talk about the power of your brand – especially if you are like me and have an independent business. I am my brand, but finding what sets me apart from my peers and my competitors (in theory we all do similar things) – can be very hard to pinpoint. Over the last few years I’ve coined the following description of my firm.

We are a residential design firm that excels in taking the underused and unloved areas of a home and turning them into a destination or a retreat for our clients.

It’s truly what we love to do and what we do best. So it’s what we’ll continue to do.

In 2009 we converted an underutilized (because it was all glass and had no insulation so you either froze or boiled to death) sun room into our en-suite bathroom. Every morning I can’t help but be happy as my feet land on the warm tiles. It’s a magic space that is my true sanctuary. Five years on I’m still totally in love with the room and it’s this feeling that I want to give my client’s over and over again. This year we are hoping to work some magic in our kitchen AKA The Land That Time Forgot. Our kitchen is well past it’s sell by date, it truly expired a couple of decades ago. We stripped of the hideous floral wallpaper when we moved in and painted the cabinets Farrow & Ball French Gray and replaced the floor. This bought us some time and so we renovated every other room but the kitchen just stood still. Well this year I’m hoping that the stars will align and I can eek out a window of time  and work some magic in my home – never an easy task. I have scribbled out my plans over the holidays, they are husband approved (talk about a tricky client) and so fingers crossed all will be good to go later in the year. It’s time, it’s really time. We are both fed up and before all the appliances start to crap out we need to get moving on with it. So kitchen sanctuary here we come!!

If you are in need of some SANCTUARY or know of people in need of a haven. Reach out by email or phone and we’ll see what magic we can muster for you and your loved ones.

Here’s to a wonderful year – start as you mean to continue – being authentically YOU!!



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