High Point Market Review & Meeting Windsor Smith.

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I missed my blog post last Friday, my head was still spinning from my trip to High Point and I didn’t really have any clarity over what I was going to write…unsure if I still do!

Anyhow, here I go. High Point Market is the mother-ship of interior design trade shows. It’s a village – all 12 million square feet of it. It’s comprised of brick and mortar showrooms that are there all year round but many, many more appear in the spring and the fall for the two markets. I have attended this show twice before as was nominated the “Tour Director” by my designer girlfriends who were first time visitors. We quickly fell into a routine of breakfast at 7:30 am, shuttle to market at 8:30 am – walk for 11.0 hrs and then take the 8:00 pm shuttle to a restaurant for dinner. Repeat this for 3 days and you can image the distance we covered. No dilly dallying allowed. At the end of each day our cell phone and camera batteries were drained but our inspiration bank was running at overload.

This is the transportation hub, its huge and very well run and organized. These stage coach buses take you to and from the airport, hotels and all around the Market. 


Visiting High Point allows you the opportunity to really see, sit, pull and test drive upholstery, drawer slides and touch and feel pieces in real life. For most of my client projects we work from tear sheets, photos, fabric and stain samples. I can do this with confidence because going to a show like High Point allows me to see things in the flesh and so it allows me to specify with confidence.You get to meet the designers and the company owners, I like to purchase from good people and there were lots of good people at the show.


Attending the show also encouraged me to get my Instagram on. I am a slow adopter with social media, no sooner do I think I have something figured out than it’s been replaced for something new.But I have to say I am loving Instagram and it was really interesting to see what other designers were posting – we’re all so visual it’s an ideal platform for the world we work in. I’ve also been posting project updates on Instagram so please follow me HERE and join along!

An added bonus of attending this show is that it allows you to come face to face with many well known (spoken about in hushed terms) designer celebs. They give seminars, do book signings and promote and sell their recently launched lines.

Windsor Smith had me at hello. I’ve long been a fan of her fabric collection with Kravet. I swooned over the images of her transformation of Gwyneth Paltrow’s home on Goop and so when I saw she was speaking on Saturday morning we firmly had our bums on seats in the seminar room. For someone with such a mega portfolio it really blew my blind that she was so genuinely humble. Her new book Home Front is spectacular and I am currently devouring the text and images. Her design ethos is all about providing a space for families to coexist. We live in such an abbreviated world that Windsor Smith believes firmly that its the role of the designer / decorator to provide spaces for everyone to hang out – to encourage conversation and to create moments. It’s a beautiful way to capture what you want to achieve for your clients, and its certainly got me thinking about how I can design more with this in mind – I believe I do already but there is nothing like hearing someone you admire say the words to REALLY make you stop and think.


Windsor proceed to the gorgeous Arteriors Showroom where she is launching a new accessories line and then she gave away and signed around 200 copies of her book. She didn’t just sign them, she chatted, engaged, asked all sorts of questions and then wrote a very personal and accurate note in each copy. I was astounded – my girlfriends and I all ended up with totally different and unique book signings – and all left feeling that she was their new best friend, when really she’s mine!

Have a great weekend!



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