It’s May.

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It’s the season of change and it’s one that I wish would stay a little longer – I would love for May to last for sixty days instead of thirty one. I love the anticipation of May, we all long for the green buds to pop and we all relish and consume the increased daylight. I just wish it wasn’t over so fast. If May was a colour it could be none other than Green.


The view from my office window changes dramatically at this time of year. As the leaves grow and unfurl they offer me a gorgeous curtain of dappled privacy. My neighbors whose pretty home and garden is my main viewpoint, is tendered and cared for and their daffodils pop against their blue hydrangeas that sit in pots at their front door. My garden is looking a little less loved but with the arrival of my dad this weekend I am sure he’ll get all in order. It’s only fair that they should get a nice view too!

I need to get my pots in order, they are currently empty but I hope to fix that soon. I love the simplicity of these baskets and the evergreens….this might be a look coming to my back deck!

Large shrubs paired with woven baskets are a creative addition to your gardenHubub

Work is gearing up for a very busy year and we have a couple of outdoor projects that have me thinking about the outdoors even more. So this weeks post pays homage to May, the month of green and the great outdoors!

via thisivyhouse

I have a thing for metal obelisk’s in gardens and have two in own. I love the structure they bring and they also look gorgeous in the winter draped in dare I say it snow!!


When it comes to outdoor entertaining I am always torn between stone floors & wood decking


Each has their plus points and where possible I like to blend both into an exterior design scheme.

So whatever you have planned for this weekend – and here in Toronto it looks like the temps will be pushing 29 degrees – I hope you get the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and to do a little planting. Nothing beats getting your hands a little grimy with soil!

Have a great weekend and don’t forget the sunscreen!



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