January is all about starting over,  from our homes, to our bodies and the contents of our lives and fridges. Everything falls under the magnifying glass and everything it seems is up for renew.

I always feel January is the month for editing, for sparseness, for me, if January was a colour it would be white.

Now truth be told, I look absolutely terrible in white or shades thereof – I rarely decorate using white and feel it should be reserved for platinum blondes & silver grays – as they (in my opinion) are the only ones who look good in it.

I really wish I could pull it off, but thanks to my Scottish heritage and my preference for barefaced over made-up – it just isn’t supposed too, or going to be! So all I can do is drool and pin fabulous textural white images like the ones below. It’s enough to make a girl want to start wearing foundation….but then that would just make a mess of the white…

But that doesn’t mean that white doesn’t hold a place in my decorating heart as these carefully, gorgeously edited images below show!

There is something so pure and simple about white spaces.

These laundry rooms below are very different in aesthetics yet both lower my blood pressure by just looking at them.

These closets are totally dreamy – the dedicated master closet which looks to open into the master bedroom I find only really works if you and who ever you happen you happen to be sharing the space with wear clothes of similar tones and hues and preferably only ivory & black. This is why I prefer the other images as they have doors. I love doors and truly believe that the world is a better place for them. Riotous colours and sloppy folding can be concealed behind the stony white exteriors.

Maybe there is some room for white in your home or wardrobe, personally I’d kill for the felt hat!

Have a fabulous January.

We’re shooting with Canadian House & Home (again!) today – such a treat and such a perfect way to launch 2015.


Image Credits (all images were sourced via Pinterest).

1. Felt hat via Mario Schwab, 2. Bobble Knit via Studded Hearts, 3. Faux Fur Coat via Ashley B 4. White Coat sadly unknown 5. Shaker Kitchen via de Volve Kitchens UK, 6. Laundry via buzzfeed via google, 7. Walk In Closet via Decorpad, 8. Mens Closet via Miles Redd, 9. Shaker Closet via The English Wardrobe.


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