This week has been all about planting seeds, seeds that hopefully will grow into something new and exciting. But more about this on a future blog – yes I promise!

Last Friday my gorgeous Third Floor Reno project was filmed for Canadian House & Home online TV. It’s such a gorgeous space and I am so happy that it’s getting featured. This was my first time working with a stylist and it was a very interesting process to see my space interpreted through the eyes of another professional. Spaces do need to be filled up far more for photo shoots than they do for everyday life. It always amazes me the amount of stuff that can be needed to dress a room. Bags and bags and bags of props. Thank you so much to the talented team of Ryan, Reiko and Justin.


I am not really that comfortable in front of a camera, afterwards all I could think about was all the things I didn’t say…..but then isn’t that always the way! The piece will be aired in mid-February and I will put a link on my blog and press page  as soon as it’s live.

Next week is a busy week and I am getting cross eyed at the thought of it!

On Monday we start the demo at #KitchenBliss – I am so excited about this project and will aim to blog about its progress over the next few months. It’s more than a kitchen reno, it’s really the entire main floor plus third floor. So a pretty big undertaking. Today we had the movers take away a few pieces of furniture that we are planning on refinishing / upholstering and tomorrow they are back to pack up the items that are going into storage. I have previously decorated the living and family room on this floor and so all these lovely items are going back in – many with new and additional toss pillows!! I think my client might even like pillows more than me. We are replacing all the floors throughout, plastering the walls, adding additional lighting, replacing windows and of course knocking down a wall or two to make way for the gorgeous new kitchen design which features a generous sized banquette with more toss pillows….oh happy days.

I am totally in love with these tiles for the backsplash, I am hoping my clients are too. They can be custom coloured..decisions, decisions……

001 003

On Monday my lovely client (all my clients are lovely and we do our best to keep them lovely) from #BathroomHaven will return from vacation. He has been away since Christmas and is returning to see his project mid-way through. This home has 2 bedrooms, a family bathroom and an en-suite on the second floor. We are making the existing en-suite the family bathroom and switching the guest room and master bedroom around. Things are really starting to take shape and next week the tiling begins.

We have acceptance on #BathingBlues design scheme and fixtures. We just need to finalize the tile selection and we need the building department to issue our permits – please and thank you!!

On Wednesday & Thursday I have a 2-day Business of Design Seminar (BOD), run by the lovely Kimberley Seldon. I adore this conference. This is it’s third year and it attracts designers from all over Canada and into the U.S. There is a lot of learning, sharing and good times to be had. My industry used to be quite unfriendly – but conferences like this encourage discussion and help us form friendships that in turn get us through the good and the bad days. I am so looking forward to seeing Nyla Free and LeAnne Bunnel from Calgary. I had dinner with Nyla in Vancouver in September but its been a year since I’ve seen or spoken with LeAnne. Without this conference I would never have met these amazing people.


On Friday its IDS15. I really hope to be wowed a little this year. I go every year and I really hope to see some new and exciting companies. I will blog about all my finds (fingers crossed)Friday is trade day but it’s open to the public on Saturday & Sunday. There are some great seminars over the weekend. I might even go and hopefully bump into the lovely Thom Filica again! I do love a plaid tie….I met him at his lovely book signing in High Point in 2013.

DD High Point 027 DD High Point 033

Talking of High Point – I do have this in my sights. I am traveling with my gorgeous designer friend Nina Bazin – who I met through BOD. We have our flights, accommodation, airport shuttle bookings and even our restaurants reserved. The market takes place in April and it’s a gong show of the most gong-iest proportions.  It’s a town not a market and you need to go in flat shoes and with a mission. I’ve been a couple of times before and this is Nina’s first time. I know we’ll have a ball!


So that’s the latest with me. A bit of a mixed bag of a blog but it represents my week.

Have a wonderful weekend.


(All images are mine, apart from the Something New is On the Horizon which is via flicker and is by Rhianna Wurman The Business of Design image belongs to BOD and the map belongs to High Point Market).

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