What is Going On…..

Posted by Gillian Gillies | 09 May, 2011 | No Comments on What is Going On…..

My blogs, just like my tweets have diminished greatly – truth be told I have masses to share but time has been a little short – I struggle to find the head space to blog when I have a 4-page to do list for my clients. My clients are lovely and I want them to stay this way, so my time has been spent with them and my trades instead of at my desk writing.

– It’s only been 3 weeks but it is a little like missing out on going to the gym. You know once you start to skip those classes you’ll struggle to find time for them again and this is how I feel at the moment about blogging, so on this gorgeous, sunshine-filled Toronto day, I am trying to get back on the treadmill.

So what have I been up to………………..well Project Charlie works are now concentrated in the basement, Tony the Tiler is being very patient with my very un-even and yet utterly gorgeous honed slate tiles. Charlie has figured out that if he stands on the new sofa and looks out the window he can watch all the coming and goings into the basement! Project Monty is racing to completion, the painters are on site and Jack (yes, secret weapon Jack) has begun work on the living and family room built-ins. I also have Project James – this is a basement renovation, we’ve underpinned, and dry-walled and are at the painting stage here too.

In addition to the 3 reno-demo’s I have several medium-sized projects – a couple near Yonge & Summerhill, another couple at Yonge & Blythwood and another two in Etobicoke. All are very different and I think this is what I love the most about my job. No project is ever the same and no day ever runs the way you thought it would.

In order to be creative you have to love what you do, so no matter how frazzled I feel I still make time for training seminars and product development training. On a lighter note, nothing beats curling up with a fresh new pile of magazines – this I love and the inspiration that can be gleaned from the tailoring on a jacket to the streamlined interior of a gorgeous new car never fails to amaze me. I have a lot of gazing and gleaning to do………………

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