Project Charlie -as featured heavily on my blog – and whose gorgeous after shots can be seen on my website is in the short list for a Canadian House & Home Reader’s Competition! I found this out at 6:45am.

Not a bad start to a Monday morning at all, as happenstance would have I was back at Project Charlie this morning discussing the third floor………………but more about that sometime in the near future, although the plans that we have discussed have me super excited, but I am trying to contain myself. It’s funny sometimes when I am on site discussing a project for the first time my head is so busy crunching away at logistics and feasibility and facts and function that it’s sometimes not until later on in the day that I really “see” the project and get all excited by it. Well I see it now and it is going to look amazing!

But I am digressing – what I really need is your votes! Please vote for the Cozy Livingroom as designed by moi! Copy this link onto your web browser of choice and vote

Here’s what we started with.

Here’s what you are voting on

It’s that simple!

Thank You.

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