Charlie’s Closets.

Posted by Gillian Gillies | 20 Feb, 2011 | No Comments on Charlie’s Closets.

The mudroom at Project Charlie has been formed from the space that used to be the covered deck at the back entrance to the house (the area beyond the glass doors in front of the trees).

We wanted to create a functional storage space without it looking too mudroom-ey (as it is seen from the living room) so this large floor to ceiling closet was designed. The exterior will be painted a soft warm white and the interior is maple. Three large drawers will provide ample deep storage for mitts and gloves and re-usable shopping bags (re-usable bag storage like storage for recycling, green bins and garbage all has to be taken into consideration as part of a kitchen renovation).

The niche at the right hand side of the closet gives us enough space (5″) to stack the drapery panels back into the recess. This allows the French Doors to be fully open in the spring and summer months and prevents the drapes getting all caught up and tangled in the doors.

Hand painting the exterior of the cabinets, instead of spray-painting off-site gives a very organic finish. In an older home especially I feel this is important. Thank goodness for my painters who are perfectionists!

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