Diary of a Renovation, aka Project Charlie.

Posted by Gillian Gillies | 03 Nov, 2010 | No Comments on Diary of a Renovation, aka Project Charlie.

This house is a beautiful older home in a leafy part of Toronto. It has high ceilings, 9″ baseboards, great sized rooms (my favourite being the very large entrance foyer complete with wood-burning fireplace), original leaded windows and a trap door.

There is always something, which on the surface, looks rather insignificant that can out of nowhere become the boss of the project. In this case it was the trap door on the back porch that allowed access to the basement. The internal stairs are charming (we hope the building inspector thinks so!) but too narrow to get appliances or furniture up or down. We wanted and needed to enclose the back area of the house to allow us to increase the size of the kitchen. The trap door had to go. And voila it is no more.

By ‘voila’ I mean after 4 months of planning and plotting and measuring and hiring the structural engineer and the general contractor and his crew did we get to this. No mean feat and it’s only just begun!

Tomorrow the entrance foyer…………….

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