Let There Be Heat….

Posted by Gillian Gillies | 24 Nov, 2010 | No Comments on Let There Be Heat….

It is getting pretty chilly on Project Charlie as we have no furnace and several holes in the brickwork and it’s late November in Toronto. Today John, who’s installing the duct work delivered a gas heater to the job site. This thing gives of sooo much heat we can set it up in the basement and just let the heat rise to the other floors. Warm people are happy people!

In addition to the heater, we’ve (I use this term loosely as I personally had nothing to do with it) also removed the two brick walls that used to separate the kitchen from the covered back porch (the one with the trap door).

This new found space will allow us to form a mudroom area and most importantly it allows us to increase the size of the kitchen.
The electricians have done a great job re-wiring the second floor and drywall and plaster repairs can begin on this level soon.
The entrance foyer firebox is being built tomorrow. All in all a very good start to the week.

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