The Master Bedroom…

Posted by Gillian Gillies | 20 Dec, 2010 | No Comments on The Master Bedroom…

Although it has been all quiet on the blog front, works on Project Charlie are ramping up at great speed and gusto.

I mentioned before that the trap door on the main floor was a very bossy element; well the entrance foyer fireplace runs a close second in the bossy charts. It did not conform to modern day building codes and to rectify this we had to open up a wall in the master bedroom… about project creep. At some point in the house’s life the master bedroom fireplace cavity had been filled in with concrete (oh joy) and a faux insert had been placed against the wall. The concrete was blocking the flue run so out came the master bedroom fireplace wall.

We’ve opened up the single closet to form a large double-door closet, added pot lights and outlets and plastered and primed. Oak flooring was installed on Monday and the new gas fireplace insert is being delivered to site tomorrow. This will be a beautiful element in this space, a really simple piece with a satin nickel trim – it will be installed about 2′ off the floor so that it looks like its floating.

Our plans for this room are absolutely gorgeous – even if I do say so myself. Dark slatey-blue walls, pale mocha ceilings and off-white trim. Interlined natural linen drapes a herringbone patterened linen headboard with accessories in velvet and silk. Divine! It is a fabulous space – great proportions with soaring ceilings.

Roll on the New Year when the painters get to work.

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