Summer in the City

Posted by Gillian Gillies | 21 Jul, 2011 | No Comments on Summer in the City

Well today’s the day I find out what 47 degrees (it’s to be a mere 38 but with the good old humidex it’s going to be above 45) feels like in Toronto. I grew up in Edinburgh where today they expect to reach a giddy high of 16 degrees – to me that’s summer. I didn’t know what humidex was until I moved here – I used to be so naive……In my overheated mind I see the humidex as a masked villan from a comic book strip – he wears red man-made fibres from head to toe and likes to spends his days in sauna-like conditions.

Today I have 3 site meetings (please let the parking gods be kind to me downtown and provide me with perfect spots!) and one presentation. Well all I can do is pack my hat, glasses, water bottle and sunscreen and hope for the best!

Tally Ho!

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