Reno Joys!

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I love the first few weeks in a renovation project. Nothing beats taking a space –  like a kitchen – and watching it go from being the busy hub of the family home to being no more than sub-floor and exposed joists and beams.

We started on site works at #kitchenbliss on January 19th. Design on this project started in September therefore ensuring we had our permits in hand prior to the Christmas shut down.

All of my client’s furniture and furnishings that we are re-using in the finished spaces was packed and shipped off site prior to works starting. The contents of the kitchen cupboards were pared back and only the essentials were saved for the temporary basement kitchen. If you are going to be ‘living’ through a reno as my clients are it makes a lot of sense to store all non-essentials off-site so that the reduced footprint you are living in doesn’t feel cluttered and overwhelming.

We try to minimize the madness in our clients lives by doing all we can to reduce dust transfer. In this home we build temporary walls so that access from the side door down to the basement or up to the second floor could be done without having to navigate the construction on the main floor. Plastic zippered doors are really useful but not if you have small children and are having to go through them multiple times a day. In this home we’ve installed a solid door on our temporary wall and added additional seals to minimize dust transfer.

In order to keep all on track on site we have the Site Binder on site from day one. It’s a bright green i.e. hard to lose 3″ ring binder. This has all the up to date floor plans, electrical layouts, plumbing specs and appliance installation requirements in it from the get go. Changes and updates are added to the folder as needed and it allows the team on site to push on with all documentation in hand. Photos of all selected finishes e.g. tiles are added so that there is a clear visual aid to assist with deliveries.

These are a few shots of what we’ve done in the first couple of weeks…this part is always the fastest!

This Living Room – this room has so much charm, we are removing the lath and plaster walls at the side of the fireplace so we can add some much needed insulation.


027 (2)

The Dining Room – when part of the ceiling fell down last fall it was the incentive to start the main floor reno. This room has been totally ripped back to the bare bones as you can see below. The original trim and baseboards are being salvaged and will be reinstalled.




The Family Room – the wall between the kitchen and family room is coming down, the wall straight ahead will one day soon have a gorgeous banquette and kitchen table.


The Kitchen – oh la la – the plans we have for this space. Its going to have colour & texture, amazing light fixtures and lots of fabulous storage.



The Powder Room – is in for a make-over. New floors and a fabulous wallpaper along with charcoal gray paneling will transform this little room.


Lots more pictures and updates to come!

I hope you all have a great weekend.




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