Renovation Diary – November.

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It’s All In The Details…..

Today I thought I’d share with you some lovely renovation shots from a project we worked on over the summer in Lytton Park, Toronto. We worked our magic on several of the rooms – this post covers just the entrance foyer and the kitchen eat in area. More project shots including the before and afters can be viewed on my portfolio here.

When I first met with my clients and we were discussing the project scope it became VERY apparent that the entrance foyer was must fix area. All traffic flow comes in and out through this entrance and it wasn’t well designed. The tiled area was too small and you couldn’t access the hall closet unless the front door was closed. There was an archway separating the foyer from the rest of the hallway and the walls were stucco.

So we opted to push the hall closet back into the dining room behind. There is an underused corner in this room and the closet makes great use of the space. We removed the archway too.

We installed a gorgeous herringbone floor tile throughout, re-hung the front door so that it opened against the wall and concealed the rad in a custom cover. We also plastered the walls so that they are now lovely and smooth and we added additional lighting and a spectacular glass-bead pendant. We increased the size of the hall closet and used the original basement staircase door here, we then sourced a vintage door with a large glazed panel and stained this to match the existing. This new glazed door let’s in lots of glorious day light into this one dark space.

How’s this for welcome home!

It's All In The Details - After.

And for the other views so you can see how it connects to the rest of the main floor.

Now for the kitchen – my clients opted to convert the underused dining room into a Home Office / Music Room (sneaky peak above). So we had to turn the kitchen eat-in space into something that was great for homework / family weekday meals but also somewhere that could function as the dining room.

We started of with this…..

Fanfare – we now have this!

It's All In The Details - Kitchen Dining After Sadie 0302

Quite the dining space! The upholstered banquette maximizes ‘bums on seats’ and we were also able to add drawer storage beneath the bench and provide a broom / storage cupboard on the left hand side – this helped center the window on the seating area.

We papered the walls with charcoal gray herringbone grasscloth and added a pair of gorgeous brass sconces.

The table was made locally and the chairs were a stellar find at High Point Market earlier in the year. They have a chevron pattern on the inside back and the outside back features a lovely design. These chairs are super comfortable and light and easy to move.

There is nothing better than taking an existing space and just making it better with a few smart choices. They have totally changed the look and feel of this home.

Have a great weekend.


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