Renovation Diary – October

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Renovation Diary – October

Everyone loves a good before & after story and so I thought I’d share one this week.

This project clearly shows for me the magic that can happen when everyone is in a happy place – I’d probably only met my clients on 4 occasions before they handed me the keys to their home and then left for warmer climates down south. Who can blame them – last year was freezing and we were overhauling 3 of their 4 bathrooms in one phase. If you can leave during a reno and you trust the team that is in place then it is generally better for all – especially when dealing with bathrooms!

There is often that magic moment when you first meet with new clients and you all just know from the get go that this is going to be a great project and a great project it was. We relayed the after shots to my client via her i-pad and she came home when all was complete and the sun had started to shine here in Toronto.

Today I want to show you what we did to the en-suite bathroom. The existing en-suite had a small bath tub that was never used, a single sink vanity and a small shower. By stealing space from the generously proportioned master bedroom we were able to give our clients a stunning space. We switched the tub for a gorgeous dressing area, turned the area that had accommodated the vanity and the shower into one large vanity with lots of storage and the space we stole from the master helped form the generous sized shower.


Master En-Suite Window Area before & during

En-Suite window area before. Window Area - during

Master En-Suite Window Area After!

Master En-Suite After

Master Vanity Wall – before

Vanity Wall Before. Vanity / Shower Wall Before.

This is quite hard to see but the vanity was on the same wall as the shower.


We gave our client’s this instead!

Master En-Suite Vanity

The area where the shower is, used to be part of the master bedroom – we took this wall and extended the bathroom into the bedroom.

Master En-suite shower wall.

This resulted in a generous sized shower that looks like this!

Master En-Suite After

We love to make magic happen in our client’s homes. Contact us if you need a little magic designed your way.

I’ve said it before in a previous blog (it actually got a client to call me to renovate her bathrooms) but if you are dreading the arrival of winter and know that your bathroom doesn’t brighten your day and it in fact causes you to be a tad grumpy – JUST PICK UP THE PHONE. We can fix your bathroom and alter your state of morning mind. WE PROMISE.

Have a great weekend!



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