I didn’t blog last Friday – apologies, the week just got away with me – I am (happily) blaming it all on the fact that we had a long weekend and my 5 day week got scrunched into 4. What’s a girl to do?

The weather is so grotty (fabulous Scottish term – whose meaning requires no explanation) I’ve decided to dedicate this week’s blog to the art of styling. When it’s so cold and bleak outside we tend to focus in, and that to me means focusing more on my home. The cheeriness that can be brought to your day by the addition of some fresh colourful flowers, a stunning side table, an architectural pendant or a few toss pillows I believe can really uplift your soul. It’s a little like adding a stunning necklace to plain black dress.

Both Scarlett Johansson and Cate Blanchett rocked this look at the Oscars.

I love green and my jaw hit the floor when I saw this outfit. WOW


Scarlett_Johanssonvia Hollywood Reporter

Cate can never do anything wrong in my eyes – she’s a classy lady and a brilliant actress whose face still moves when she speaks.

via fashioncare

Talking of faces still moving – didn’t the gorgeous Annie Lennox just knock the socks of everyone at the Grammy’s? This woman could show up in a paper bag and still steal the show. If you missed it – watch here…  (Annie comes in at around the 2.25 min mark and then find yourself totally distracted watching many more u-tube clips of her). I love her!

Anyhow back to the more serious subject of styling your home…..

Imagine these dresses without the jewelery? They’d still be nice, but the accessories are the finishing touch just as they are in a room. Here are a few of my favourite styling tips that will help blast away the winter blues!

This gorgeous side table was sourced for a fabulous client of mine. Side tables can be more than just a functional piece of furniture – they can be treated like a sculpture – a gorgeous piece of functioning art for your home.



In the same vein – pendant lights can provide more than just lighting – they can create a feeling and totally transform a room. In the space below we have 12′ ceilings and the room felt a little cavernous, adding the pendant filled in some of the empty space and created a gorgeous talking point in the room.



This home work space needed a good looking and comfortable bench. This piece combined a woven leather top with a rattan frame. Gorgeous!!


Great looking hardware is another way to up the style factor in a space. I found these handles at High Point Market and had them made for my client.


Toss pillows – I love them as the following images will attest.

But I also love fresh flowers, I always try to buy what is in season, but when in season means there is nothing I buy whatever I fancy! I’m a huge fan of blooming branches – they last forever and I love to see them change from sticks to blossoms. If gives me hope that one day things will warm up.

Master En-Suite After

So try a little styling at home or buy a statement necklace. It’s a guarantee to make you smile.

Have a great weekend. Thank you to everyone this week for making miracles happen on all our projects across Ontario (yes, we’re still looking for that dream client / project somewhere less frozen) and to our wonderful clients!!!

Best, Gillian

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