This Month’s Loves – My Super Heros.

Posted by Gillian Gillies | 31 Oct, 2014 | No Comments on This Month’s Loves – My Super Heros.

Don’t be afraid, it may be Halloween but we’re just concentrating on all the GOOD at GGI Inc.


Super Heroes

I thought I’d designate this week’s post to all the things have had made us happy, smile and be thankful here at GGI Inc. this month. I know its all goblins and scary witches outside, but here at my desk things are looking pretty jolly so I’m not going to turn to the dark side instead I am going to celebrate the superhero’s in my work world who get things done.

So often in my line of work you really only get a REAL understanding of who are working with when things don’t run perfectly smoothly. Things always don’t so I’d like to give a shout out to those companies who went above and beyond to fix a potential pickle for us. When suppliers and vendors are responsive in times of need I know they will become someone we work with again and again – its how it goes. I had an in-house error where I had miscalculated fabric quantities (I don’t think I have EVER done this before so it was probably long overdue…..) and my vendors Threadcount Inc. and Whittington & Co. and my trusted couriers United Messengers and delivery team Mittman Delivery were my nights in shining armour. I was in a bit of a bind – they pulled out all the stops, altered the pick-up route and everything was rectified in under 24 hrs and my installation was flawless. That is team work.

On the other hand sometimes things just arrive damaged – this happened recently with a brand new vendor – my first order with her company. She sent a replacement batch asap and all was fixed tickety boo. Installers can have bad days – but a great company will listen and come to the rescue – no questions asked. The fact I am niggled is enough for the good guys. There have been many who have not taken my niggles to heart, have not donned their superhero outfit and are no longer on my Rolodex. We work with the best, its how we get things done.


So however you choose to celebrate Halloween enjoy your night and give thanks to all the GOOD.



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