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Today is Tuesday which means I am either 4 days late in posting my Friday blog or 3 days early. Last week is a bit of a blur and somehow Friday’s post just got away from me. Tis the season.

At this time of year I get particularly sentimental for home, which truth be told is a bit daft as traveling home (Edinburgh) for the holiday’s is madness and not that pleasurable an experience really. People are over tired, everyone is frazzled (normally recovering from or getting a cold) and getting to and from anywhere means long queues and general madness. So I am going to be patient and wait to go home in the spring, when all will be blooming and green and there will be time to stop and smell the flowers.

My Dad decorates like he’s Santa on steroids – I can see it all now, its been embedded in my brain – and not in a good way. You almost trip over the bale of hay complete with manger and baby Jesus in the front hallway. The nativity scene is hand carved and the carver didn’t seem to care a lot for the aesthetics of the babe. My Dad frequently mutters that he’s still trying to find a nicer looking one….! There are shiny things festooned to walls and ceilings and he gives and receives hundreds of cards. But to my Dad its all part and parcel of the season.

Me – I’m a minimalist Christmas decorator at heart. No tree, but I do have a couple of honking great urns on my front porch that are my substitutes. Interior wise, there is a scattering of green baubles and stars and this year I went totally over the top and hung an origami snowflake in my living room window….give it a few more years and I’ll probably be hanging shiny things too – but actually I don’t really think that will ever happen. I’m shuddering at the thought.



What I love about the season the most is that it gives us all (regardless of religion and decorating vices) a time to pause, reflect and give thanks. It gives us all an excuse to reach out to those we love and say hello. Its why I get all misty eyed when home made cards with newly acquired handwriting arrive from my niece and nephew. Its what this season should be about and truthfully its all I need – well that and a new kitchen…….let’s not get totally sentimental here.

Merry christmas

But seriously I have a whole pile of happy to be thankful for. In addition to having the BEST job in the world, I also get to work with and for some amazing people. I get to change how people live and interact in their homes. We take awkward & unloved spaces and make them a destination. Its such an amazing thing to do 365 days of the year. My job allows me to travel and I’ve got gorgeous designer gal pals to go on jaunts with and share the highs and sometimes lows with. It can be stressful and challenging at times – my mind is rarely work free – but its also liberating and empowering. Every day we strive to be and do better, we’re constantly aiming to improve our service delivery and streamlining our procedures. 95% of our business is repeat or referral – so I know we’re doing something right!

Elie Saab

Elie Saab

In lieu of turning this into an Oscar speech – and making the HUGE mistake of missing someone out – I want to extend a MASSIVE thank you to all my trades and my suppliers. Thank you for letting me dream big and then having the presence of mind to tell me occasionally that I haven’t dreamed big enough and really making me push the envelope or to sometimes telling me that I can’t have what I want – it does sometimes happen…..

The trust my clients place in me is something I never take for granted – even when working with someone for the third or fourth time. I really strive to make the journey from start to finish a great one, things don’t always run smoothly but we always figure out a solution and the solution in most cases is better than the original plan – this goes back to having the right trades and suppliers at hand.

My trusted GGI Inc. team members get the final hurrah – Jenn, Bonnie & Karen – THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for everything you do – from project start to finish, from front of stage to deep in the trenches.

Wishing you all a wonderful time over the holidays – talk, listen, give love and be loved. What more can anyone ask for (did I mention a new kitchen…..)




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