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Where has the time gone! Its been a crazy year and I can’t believe it’s already October. Time does certainly fly.

We’ve had an amazing year with lots of gorgeous clients and projects! I am so thankful to get the do the job I do. I LOVE IT. A wonderful part of my job is attending seminars and learning from great designers that I admire. One such designer is the lovely Barbara Barry. Late last month I attended an evening with Ms Barry at The Kravet showroom on Davenport in Toronto.

(Nina Bazian, Barbara Barry, Me & Laura Stein)

Now let me tell you, I’ve been to events before where I have expected to leave inspired and I have left feeling a tad disappointed, sometimes your icons can be a little disappointing in real life but that was so not the case with Barbara Barry.

She read extracts from her book and answered several questions which allowed us a more personal insight into her world.

I had the pleasure of talking with her afterwards – we have the same cardigan and she actually stroked my handbag……………………! I think I floated for several days afterwards.

Here are a few of my favourite Barbara Barry extracts from the evening.

“…design is powerful, if affects how we live and how we treat others

“…..dining rooms are temples, they are still, just waiting to come alive………………”

“..three colours, three materials” this is her recipe for success in a design scheme.

Even although I already owned her book, I had to buy a new one (how could I not) so that I could get an official signed copy.

I loved the fact that she can find beauty in a messed up dining table after a dinner party and in the skins of an onion. Her designs always take into account her projects surroundings.

A well designed space can center us and make us smile. It’s what I hope to make my clients feel when they come home after a long and crazy day. I want my client’s to find a haven in their home (and plenty of storage!!)

I’m off to High Point this weekend – there is over 11 million sq.ft. in showrooms and exhibits. I’d better wear flats.

Here’s to an inspiring week ahead.


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