Last year we had the absolute pleasure to work in J’s home.

This is good-sized family home in the Avenue & Lawrence pocket of Toronto.

However the second floor bathroom was just plain dismal – there are no other words to describe it. So in we came and waved our magic wand and transformed this tiny space into a beautiful space you’d actually want to spend time in.

This is what we started with –

I always hate when the window is located inside the tub / shower – it’s just not a working combination especially if the shower is used every day. To me it’s just a recipe for disaster. So we stole 18″ x 60″ from the adjoining bedroom to allow us enough space to rotate the tub down the side wall.

The vanity was tiny it was crammed into the corner adjacent to the toilet and the entrance door. A girl needs a good-sized vanity plus she needs storage.

There was no insulation in the outside walls, plus this room had no heating – no wonder this room had always been a tad chilly in the winter – so we corrected this with spray-foam and a heated floor.

We opted to tile the entire vanity wall to give a feeling of more space. We added a single wall sconce and pot lights.

The REVEAL – yes this is the same room!

Something that looks like this –

Can be transformed to look like this!

The mirror was a brilliant idea (even if i do say so myself). We opted for an over-sized pivot mirror (custom-made) with a magnifying mirror on the reverse. This way the mirror can be swung to one side to access the window. The oval shape breaks up the linear features in the room and doesn’t block the window in the way a rectangular mirror would.

You can just glimpse the custom shower curtain in the mirror. It totally finishes and softens the room.

What begun as a cold and dingy room with a tiny corner vanity and no storage now has a gorgeous deep tub, a 36″ wide vanity with off-set sink so that there is ample counter space, we incorporated a 5′ high walnut linen closet in the space that the old vanity used to take up and built-in a 6′ high x 24″ deep storage closet in the cavity at the end of the tub wall.

Practical & Gorgeous!

Have a great week


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