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Last Friday was a very inspirational day for me. It started at 8:30am with Champagne – what a perfect way to start a Friday. Champagne and delicious nibble-y things were being served at Gingers. They were hosting a presentation by Barbara Sallick, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Waterworks. This woman just oozes good taste and attention to detail from every pore. She is one of my design icons and it was lovely to be able to ask her a question or two.

Gingers have the only Waterworks showroom outside of the US. They have created a beautiful space that showcases Waterworks bath and light fixtures, their tiles and towels and their incredible range of bathroom soaps and accessories. Well worth a peak if you are considering a bathroom renovation. You are sure to leave inspired.

Waterworks was founded in 1978 when bathrooms were merely about privacy and hygiene. Barbara Sallick I feel is responsible for what we consider bathrooms to be about now – they are personal retreats and sanctuaries. During Barbara’s presentation we saw a small glimpse at a corner of her own bathroom, the tiling was exquisite. I later asked her how long her bathroom renovation took. She smiled and said that it took 1 year to plan (yes that long) and then 6 weeks work on site. Works didn’t begin until she had everything for the project on site. She planned and planned and planned for her project up front to limit the duration of upheaval in her home. This is the way to do it. So often we can be in a crazy rush to just get started. However if you don’t have all your plans in place and your materials on site a 6 week project can easily escalate to 12 weeks. It’s all in the planning.

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