Bathroom Renovations

Posted by Gillian Gillies | 17 Aug, 2011 | 1 Comment on Bathroom Renovations

I love renovating bathrooms – I don’t think there is anything better for your mental health than taking something that was a little bit grotty and turning it into a destination spa all of your own. It makes for a lovely start to the morning!

This bathroom was a simple 2-piece in my client’s basement. The wallpaper looked as though it belonged in the 80’s and the vanity (I think I am breaking a trade descriptions act somewhere calling this a vanity) was institutional.

When we renovated their lower level they wanted to accommodate a shower. So we did. We opted to remove the window completely (who wants a window in their shower when it’s eye-level with their neighbours driveway) and added pot lights and wall sconces on dimmers. The floor is heated and for a small space with no natural light the results were pretty amazing!

We then went back to the same house to tackle the second floor. The master en-suite was cold and outdated and the adjacent sunroom was an unused, and as it turned out an un-insulated space. So we flipped things around. The former en-suite became a walk-in closet and the sunroom became a master-en-suite-tree-house!

This space had a cathedral ceiling with two skylights. It was so bright that losing the windows on the west wall wasn’t even a concern.

We opted for a pair of vintage inspired sinks. (The only way you know this is the same room is the floor vent in the bottom right hand corner remained in the same place).

This picture still leaves me speechless………………… I made it extra large!

Now there is a tub for two and a gorgeous shower with ample space for bathlinens. The windows on the north wall were completely re-figured to give us the perfect balance.

1 Comment

  • Lynn August 18, 2011 at 12:17 pm

    Gillian you are Brilliant!! I love both bathrooms and I never would have suspected that the basement one started out as grungy as it was. You turned that space into something beautiful and magical. A spa type feeling is right. I wish we had put heating under our bathroom tile but I didn’t think about it 20 years ago and needed you in my life to think of that for me!!

    The upper bathroom is gorgeous too! I love that type of tub and I like the way the double sinks work. It gives the room a lighter feel with that style of double sink and the chrome etc.

    Absolutely Wonderful!!


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