Charlie’s Kitchen – Part 2.

Posted by Gillian Gillies | 27 Mar, 2011 | 1 Comment on Charlie’s Kitchen – Part 2.

I’ve mentioned before that the kitchen was the whole reason Project Charlie began. The trap door and various support columns soon made this quite a challenging space to renovate. But we have come through all the rubble and demo and now have an amazing space.

My clients had quite specific wants and wishes for this space all of which (phew!) we have accomplished and a little more…

Rebecca Paul from Selba Kitchens helped immensely with this part of the project – on a fussy scale she and I are perfect matches. She tweaked and re-designed this space for us until all flowed perfectly. We have a fabulous pull-out system that holds all the garbage, green waste and recycling. We also have pull-outs with removable and washable interiors to hold the cat and dog food. There is a TV that can be viewed from the peninsula but not seen from the living room. Plus we have the most comfortable stools from Bolier at South Hill Home (thank you Carla).

Kitchen – July 2010

Kitchen – Planning

Demo – the staying power of masking tape!

Almost there – the bulkheads in this kitchen work hard to conceal a myriad of ductwork and plumbing.

The finished kitchen – the stainless backsplash is very practical, simple and yet stunning. The ceaserstone countertops are indestructible and are in a gorgeous brown-ey tone. The cabinets are a warm cream and the honed crema marfil subway tiles with grey grout really add impact.

The kitchen now connects with the living room but doesn’t take over the main floor. It is always a fine balance when you remove walls and open up older homes.

The window wall in the kitchen was also totally re-designed. We used to have two windows at different heights and now we have one large window.

We added book storage, a linen covered push-pin board and a TV to the end gable panel on the side of the fridge.

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  • Debbie from Caplans June 6, 2011 at 3:40 pm

    Hi Gilliian,
    Nice job on the kitchen!!! I just asked Nini to send me some pics… it’s always nice to see the end result.


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