This blog posting was supposed to be about hall closets, but seeing as it is now officially fall – woo hoo – I’ve decided to talk about bedroom closets instead.

I so adore Carrie and Big’s closet, what is not to love……

With fall comes a huge wardrobe change – out with the lightweights and in with the layers. Here are my tips for getting through the change of season in your closet.

1. I like to completely empty my closet at the change of season. This allows you to vacuum and clean all the nooks and crannies. I always take a good hard look at what I have and what I haven’t worn. If I don’t think I will wear it again the item gets cleaned and either stored for consignment selling next year or stored for charity collection.

2. Items that I want to store are either hung in tagged (yes I am that much of a neat freak) garment bags or folded and stored in zippered bins on the top shelf in my closet. It’s that simple. What I don’t need to see for the next few months I don’t want to see. I find it makes choosing what to wear in the morning so much easier when you don’t have to look through all the clutter.

3. I do the same for shoes and accessories.

4. Clothes that have been stored and are now needed are pressed and hung in the most accessible area of my wardrobe.

5. Any fall items that I’ve stored for consignment are taken to the relevant store.

Almost every client I work for asks for more closet space. My rule is quite simply that I don’t design a new space until I know for sure what is going in it. What’s the amount of single versus double height hanging. How much folding space, how much space for shoes…………….

Here are my tips for what every closet should have.

1. Start with clearly knowing how you like to see your clothes. Do you hang everything or are a lot of your items folded. I find people have very strong personal opinions over hanging v’s folding when it comes to casual trousers (sorry I can’t use the word pant – to me pants are underwear not outerwear). You can easily double the amount of hanging space you have by installing double height rods. If you or your partner are particularly tall make sure this won’t leave your clothes hanging on the floor.

2. Good Lighting – we have a long dark winter in this country and blacks, navy and dark brown can all look the same at 6:00 am!

3. Full Length Mirror – either in your closet or on a wall close by.

4. Space for a Laundry Hamper – I like to integrate laundry hampers into closet designs. I find that they are used with much success if located just inside the closet door. If you have to walk to far to it, clothes just seem to end up on the floor (boys are far worse than girls in this department).

5. Space for Shoes – my clients have a lot of shoes and I know they are not alone. Guys shoes tend to be a lot bigger and require more space. I prefer to give each person their own shelved tower for shoe storage.

6. Storage for Suitcases – if you travel frequently for work there is a good chance that your suitcase is permanently in your bedroom. I like to make space for these in my closet designs.

7. Steamers – most us own a steamer, in an ideal world this too should have a space in your closet. I love the Rowenta travel steamer. It’s really compact and very efficient. I store mine in my bathroom vanity.

8. My fantasy closet would have a laundry chute – or should I say chutes – one for darks and one for lights.

9. Robe Hooks – not necessarily for robes but for the comfy clothes you pull on at the end of a long day.

10. Deep Drawers – sometimes we have clothes that don’t need to be folded that carefully (sports wear and hoodies) and people in our lives that don’t like to / want to / can’t seem to EVER fold things. For this very reason I like to give my clients deep storage drawers / bins. Why have something 8″ deep when it can be 18″. I know this drawer design has saved several marriages and can make a teenagers room look presentable.

Here are some lovely closets taken from my board on Pintrest.

Kelly Wearstlers closet – sigh – I LOVE the flooring. Very similar carpets can be purchased from Stark.

I adore the wallpaper backing in this room and the fact that everything is neutral with just a hit of Hermes orange.

IKEA – simple, functional and pretty good to look at.

Very feminine – crystal chandelier, dusty pink chaise and rows of shoes behind glazed doors…….

This one is very neat – if you have the space, the addition of doors allows your closet always to be neat and tidy.

Here’s one of my own – the photos are of a very bad quality – but you can get the general gist. We installed custom millwork to 3 walls in this closet, wallpapered the fourth and hung a full length mirror and had space for a compact chair.

However much or little room you have nothing beats having the items you need accessible!

Happy Closets!

No blogs this week as I’ll be in Chicago but I’ll be back in a weeks time.


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