Graphic Patterns & The World of David Hicks.

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When I was little, this was the wallpaper my sister and I had to live with – looking back, I now realise that in some small way David Hicks probably played some part in the selection of such a design. The 70’s was when he really took on a cult-like fame and the world went crazy for his geometric designs.

In the past 5 years there has been a strong resurgence in David Hicks design. The man was a genius so this makes me happy. Amazon delivered to me, just in time for the weekend (oh joy!) a copy of – David Hicks “A Life of Design” written by his son Ashley Hicks. This book has been on my must buy list for ages and wow it’s quite the design story. It’s beautifully written – most design books I have to admit are mainly about the images but with this one you have to read it. This man was responsible for turning the design world on its head in the 60’s & 70’s. Where traditional decor for stately homes was a awash with traditional florals and heavy prints his designs were graphic and linear and bright (orange & pink seem to be a favourite combination). I love the fact that some of the rooms although photographed 40+ years ago, look as though they could have been photographed yesterday. There has been a real resurgence in his works. I love his patterned broadloom and area carpets designs. Simply stunning!

I love the book jacket lining – this would be gorgeous in a fabric upholstered on a chair.

Even although the carpet is a little bossy the overall scheme is quite calm. This photograph is dated 1974.

This room shot is one of my own designs – with a David Hicks inspired carpet from Stark in New York.

This interior is dated 1965 –

Here’s Charlie’s dining room 2011

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