Regular readers of my blogs know how much I love Kinfolk.

Although I could never in my wildest dreams claim to be a cook – I blame this solely on growing up in the UK and coming to the conclusion that as long as a Marks & Spencer’s food hall was close by (and I made sure of that) that there was really never any need to learn (and there truly wasn’t!). Imagine my sheer horror when I moved here and saw the state of ready-made meals………….this country is so lacking in that area. Brilliant in many others, but horrific in this one segment. It’s no surprise that I now live within walking distance to Summerhill Market, whose meals although limited are ready-made and remind me a little of home.

I digress, onto the reason for this post – Kinfolk is the fantasy life that I would love to have. I love entertaining. Our dining room is generously sized and I love nothing more than having a house full of people who my husband can feed. I set the table, buy fresh flowers, buy way too much table linen and make the salad. That is the highlight of my culinary skills. So I buy Kinfolk and allow myself the fantasy of pretending I can cook. I love the fact they divide it up into eating for one, two or a few. The photographs are dream-like and having these beautifully bound magazines in my home makes me feel like I could cook if I wanted too. Fantasy achieved!

Have a great Sunday.


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