Living Life via My Friends!

Posted by Gillian Gillies | 01 Aug, 2011 | No Comments on Living Life via My Friends!

This has nothing to do with interior design, it’s just been a lovely weekend at home for two of my nearest & dearest friends and I am bursting with excitement for them so I thought I’d share. Plus it’s a Monday holiday so I feel that gives me an excuse not to blog about design things and to be perfectly honest – their lives are far more exciting than mine at the moment!

Firstly, my gorgeous friend got to mingle with royalty on Friday night and I mean mingle. She chatted, shook hands and I now fear that I may have been replaced as her best friend ….she has a close connection to The Royal Yacht Britannia and it hosted Zara Phillips’s (13th in line to the throne) pre-wedding cocktail party.

The sun shone (thank goodness) and all the royals got to mingle on the deck and party!

I shared her news with another friend who came back with his own press release, citing that he thinks his royalty tops her royalty………! David is a screenwriter and his comedy ‘Not Another Happy Ending’ has just announced that it’s leading lady is going to be Karen Gillan (she of Dr Who fame who makes grown men turn into quivering piles of jelly). Production in David’s movie is set for the end of this year. I tried to call him this morning but just got his voice mail. I fear next time I call I’ll have to communicate with him solely via his people. Oh my!

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