I truly believe that a well designed bathroom can change your life! Sounds a little far-fetched or over dramatic but I know it to be true. How can the one room that you use to start your day – EVERY DAY – not affect you as a person? If your room is cold and your shower weak and you don’t have enough of the right storage in the right place you are bound to be a bit grumpy. On the other hand if your toes are welcomed into the space with warm stone floors and your shower has enough power to lift your spirits on a grey Monday morning – I think you’re going to be a happier, nicer person for the rest of the day!

My firm does a lot of bathroom renovations – we currently have 11 on the go. Some of these are stand alone projects, others are part of larger renovations. Each space has its own challenges and each client has their own wish list. We get to be Santa 12 months of the year here!

Today I thought I’d feature a gorgeous bathroom we did for a very lovely client in the Spring. It’s a long narrow space with no natural day-light. Before it looked like this

It’s a fairly standard bathroom –

en-suite before

en-suite before

Now it looks like this –

I know! Even I sometimes can’t believe what we did there!!

It feels so luxurious – it all comes down to the materials used. The marble countertop had me at hello. Sometimes searching for slabs can be a little disappointing but this piece was made for this bathroom.

We added a HUGE amount of storage – in addition to the custom vanity there is also a linen closet.

The pale blue walls and the marble make me feel like I am in Paris.

More renovation images coming in the next few weeks, if you can’t wait that long please check out my Houzz Page We’ve been busy bees and have added to our existing portfolio on here, updates to our website coming soon.

Have a great week and if you are feeling grumpy maybe its time for a new bathroom!


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