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Following all the rain we’ve had this week in Toronto I feel this post should possibly be about water-proofing and rubber wellington’s…..but I am going to think positively that the sun is going to shine and we’ll be getting back out into our gardens soon!

My garden is looking very lush and green – the one good thing that comes from moisture and high temperatures, sadly my hydrangeas have been bashed into the earth and most the stems are bent or broken…………so now I really to add some containers to my beds to perk things up a little.

Here’s a round-up of some of my favourite containers.

The Trosso Plant Pot from IKEA is one of my favourites! They are hand-made so vary a little in size and thickness. I have a pair flanking my front door. We have a covered porch so I am able to leave them out 12 months of the year. They are awkward to move and a tad heavy so best to position in a spot where you can just leave them. As they are made from terracotta they cannot be left out in unprotected areas or else they will crack in winter.


They are a great scale (unlike this image which I can’t for the life of me make any bigger!) – 23.5″ high and 14.5″ wide and priced at $26.99 – what’s not to love.

I have to admit that I am not a fan of the black wrought iron urn planters that are a little too frequently found on the doorsteps of Toronto homes. They are everywhere and not every home suits them. I’d personally change it up and go for something like this.

These are gorgeous – and come multiples sizes and in two weather resistant finishes from Restoration Hardware. If in doubt go bigger than you think you need. Its easier to then adjust the plantings to suit than the other way around. I love these – they are elegant and easy to maintain and not at all fussy. Prices range from $60 – $215 US Dollars. When purchasing from RH + 20% for shipping, handling & duties or wait until they have a 20% off sale!

In Italy I kept seeing all these gorgeous half-moon planters – designed so that you can place them flush to your wall. I wanted a pair badly for my side door and now I have the solution. Full disclosure – I didn’t find them a friend at home in the UK found them for sale in a store in Toronto for me and sent me the link! How lucky am I.


I think these will be perfect at my side door. There is not a lot of room and I like that I can place these hard against the wall and fill with some lovely white flowering climbing vine. I will have an annual reminder of my trip to Italy. The clever people at Barracuda have a great selection of pots and planters in many sizes and shapes and the best bit is that they can be left out in all-weather. In our crazy climate that is a must.

Apologies for the random sizes of the images………….photo editing is really not my thing!

Stay Dry!


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