I started this blog towards the end of last year with such high hopes that all would run perfectly smoothly. We have wonderful clients who make decisions quickly and a great team on site, however, sometimes the road to the end has a few more twists and turns than you’d like. But there truly now is light at the end of the tunnel and a move-in date has been set. Hurrah!!

I have 3 trays of samples in my office pertaining to Project James – I cannot wait to see everything come together on site.

Here’s a look at how far the living room has come along.

We started with quite a dark space and the only thing that we have retained is the fireplace surround and the original leaded glass windows – everything else has gone. However where we can we have re-used items in other spaces. The crown moulding for example was in perfect shape so we’ve used this in the upper hallway. The doors separating the living & dining room will be re-worked into closet doors for K’s bedroom.

A small fragment of original wallpaper was found behind the rad.

The wall separating the living room from the dining room was completely removed to allow for the plumbing feeds to be relocated and built-in cabinets have been installed to provide lots of storage in both rooms.

Once the crown moulding is installed all will look seamless!

I have designed a walnut writing desk with bench (still to be upholstered) and a set of nesting tables for either side of the fireplace. The small drum table will be sprayed a high gloss blue. Quite divine really.

Tomorrow the Kitchen & Dining Room!

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