How on earth did that happen I can hear you gasp – well Rocky Racoon and I have an annual winter battle. Every Spring I replace the sisal runner on my porch steps because every winter he turns my stairs into an oversized scratching post….which renders the sisal a death trap for the postman and any unsuspecting visitor. He leaves holes just large enough to lodge your foot into. We did come face to face one evening and considering Rocky’s size and demeanor I felt it was best to just let him get on with it. Well not any more, I think I may have the upper hand.

My porch is in for a makeover this spring, the painters have been booked and I’ve narrowed down the colour options. My inspiration Burberry Prorsum – I love the texture and palette used in their SS12 collection.

Imagine my glee when I stumbled across this amazing indoor outdoor, and I really think Rocky resistant flooring. It is going to look amazing with a UV resistant black-border down the sides!

Now I just have to decide on the pattern – I like the stripes but fear there will be too much wastage and I think they will look odd running horizontally instead of vertically.

The colour palette is possibly a winning combination of the following colours from Benjamin Moore – Stampede on the columns and floor, Pashmina on the spindles and either Ashwood or Florentine Plaster on the ceiling. Then I will add a hit of dijon mustard on the porch chairs.

Now all I need to source is a fabulous light fixture and a new mail box………the quest continues.

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