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Hurrah!! September is finally here – it is my official BEST month of the year.

Here are my top 6 reasons for loving September in Toronto.

1. Goodbye air conditioner, hello open windows, hello gentle soft breezes and long leisurely walks. What’s not to love.



2. Hello proper shoes – I think I am the only person in Toronto who detests plastic flip-flops as the majority of the population wear them from May onwards like some sort of badge of honor. In a city I think they are revolting and should be banned. Proper shoes mean clean feet and make for a far more enjoyable yoga class! I’ve had 3 months of people’s dirty calloused hooves being thrust in my face during class – enough is enough people. It’s time for shoes. Look not a flip-flop in sight, just lots of pretty shoes and boots.


3. Hello proper clothes – similar concept to above. I know it’s been really hot this summer, but walking around practically naked isn’t going to make you feel any cooler. Dressing like this however (in my opinion) makes you look cool and by default feel cool!


4. Layers – people and their homes look better in layers (see point 3). In September you can bring out your scarves and cardigans and throws and blankets.


5. The 39th Ryder Cup – ok it has nothing to do with Toronto but I’m going to Medinah at the end of the month. It’s my Dad’s (he’s flying in from Edinburgh) 70th birthday treat. We entered the lottery for tickets last fall and got the passes we wanted. So if you see 3 people in Scottish Saltire rugby shirts it will be me, my Dad and my long-suffering Canadian husband.


6. The cooler temperatures allow your brain to work better. FACT. September can be a crazy time at work.  The cooler temperatures and a return to indoor living bring about a season of much plotting and planning. During the spring and summer months my firm’s workload tends to shift towards renovations – kitchens, bathrooms, basement underpinning to name but a few – this year it’s been the summer of bathrooms! New images to come soon of what we’ve been up too. Come the fall however everyone comes inside. Once we are back inside we tend to see all the areas of our homes that we want to change. This is the time of year when people start to decorate and furnish their homes in time for December and also lay down plans for 2013 renovations. It’s never to early to start the process. Just give me a call or drop me an email! We’re already working on plans for two extensive renovations for next year whilst completing some existing projects and beginning our fall projects.

Next blog post is going to be all about collating your thoughts and images for your next project. There are several online tools that I recommend to clients. I’ll review these later this week! Back to school back to blogging.

Have a great September


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