Sequins & Snowflakes………….

Posted by Gillian Gillies | 21 Dec, 2012 | No Comments on Sequins & Snowflakes………….
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To me sequins & snowflakes are a winning combination at this time of year. Whatever you celebrate and however you wish to do it – enjoy, have fun and may a few snowflakes fall on your sequins this holiday time.

Its been another amazing year at Gillian Gillian Interiors. We’re all totally wiped, with bags under our eyes – a sure sign that we’ve been working hard and need a break. And possibly a new pair of earrings hint hint……………aren’t these gorgeous?

We’ll be back to work (with the usual diligence, foresight & planning that our client’s hire us for) and back to blogging (in the same old erratic fashion i.e. when time permits) in January.

OK so the dog has nothing to do with sequins – unless he’s wearing some sparkly collar – but I just loved this image and had to include it, so lets pretend he has a sparkly collar…….

Thank you for all your feedback and follows throughout the year.

Have fun whatever you do.


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