What Makes for a Good Bathroom?

Posted by Gillian Gillies | 19 Aug, 2011 | No Comments on What Makes for a Good Bathroom?

Following on from Wednesday’s post about bathroom renovations I started to ponder at what makes a good bathroom renovation, what are the key elements and where do things go wrong.

(1) Selecting suitable materials for the purpose.
This hands down has to be the place where most errors occur. Minimise your grout lines if you are not prepared to maintain them – use larger tiles and keep smaller tiles for areas of lower traffic. Glass tiles are amazing but if they are covered with shampoo and soap residue they will start to look grotty fast. Natural stone is beautiful but it shows water marks and has to be maintained on an annual basis. Are you prepared for the upkeep??? Be honest! If not check out ceaserstone – it’s derived from natural quartz and it’s perfect for a bathroom.

Saltillo, in my opinion, has hands down the best tile selection in the city. The showroom is a good size and easy to navigate.

A few of my favourite combinations from my tile pile in my office.

(2) Suitable Lighting.

Most men seem to like 100 watt bulbs whereas us girls prefer to be able to dim things down. It’s a far gentler start to your morning. Have pot lights, wall sconces and pendant fixtures on dimmers – dimmers for them all! Restoration Hardware have some great sconces for good prices – they are always my go to for an easy on-line solution. Alternatively Gingers also has some lovely options.

(3) Storage.There are things that don’t need to be on display. I’ll say no more. Drawers, drawers & drawers!

These floating vanities are amazing – they look weightless and take up less visual space than a standard vanity yet the functionality of the drawer is far superior. Wet Style is my go-to company for streamlined vanities. They are gorgeous.

(4) Hanging Bars for Towels.

Towels need to dry or they start to smell – it’s quite simple. On shower doors I always opt for a towel bar instead of a door knob. This allows you to air dry your floor mat on one side of the door and a towel on the other. Heated towel bars are wonderful if you don’t have heated floors.
Restoration Hardware has a great range of towel bars and coordinating bathroom accessories.

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