What’s Inspiring Me Today.

Posted by Gillian Gillies | 03 Aug, 2011 | No Comments on What’s Inspiring Me Today.

The weather! At long last we have some rain in Toronto – I am delighted – not so at the getting wet part (although considering I manged to get wet indoors today – standing in a client’s bath tub deciding what height to hang a picture and turning the tap on with my foot – glad my client has a sense of humour, she was in there too..) but, just for the reduced heat and the much-needed moisture it will bring to my garden.

I am a huge Anthropologie fan. When I lived in Scotland I was lucky to spend my 30th birthday in New York. Anthropologie’s mothership was situated in Soho and I made a beeline for it. How glad was I when they opened up in Toronto. Today’s overcast weather has me needing some colour inspiration and that’s where the Anthropologie website comes in.

The mixture of fabrics and colours just has me drooling. I love the light-weight rain jackets. The contrast lining is a lovely touch – polka dots are such a classic although the butterflies are gorgeous too.

Their August Catalogue is quite stunning – it has a 50’s inspired look – think Mad Men meets Roman Holiday. I want to live in this edited world! Enjoy.

This is currently my desktop screen saver – love the colour and pattern combinations. Don’t think I could wear any of them, they are just lovely to look at!

Love the ochre, Kelly green and sky blue blend – it shouldn’t but it does work.

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