Why Everyone Needs a Stylist – Especially Oprah………………

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3.2 million viewers watched Oprah Winfrey interviewing Lance Armstrong – notwithstanding the whole Lance is a bully, cheat & generally not a very nice person – could they not have done something better as a backdrop? It looked like someone had been sent out to the local gas station at the eleventh hour and had bought whatever it was they had lying around to decorate the set………………………..

This interview must have been planned for months – so why not the decor people.

Next time Oprah – call me.

Here’s some thoughts

This one may have made Lance feel a little nervous – but it makes me giggle. Every time he fibbed on camera they could have lowered the chandelier down closer to his head.


The stark simplicity of this corner nook could have been the perfect spot for a confessional.


Who doesn’t love a fireplace as a backdrop. All this needs is a couple of chairs and the stage is set.


Love the library feel to this space.


This may of been what they both really craved!

Its all in the details!

Have a great week ahead. Two blogs in one day is a bit of a miracle from me I know – I should try to pace myself better – but I’ve been sitting on these for over a week now and I thought – no time like the present!


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