What’s In Store for This Month – December….

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This month is all leading to the finale of the year, the date by which all has to be PERFECT or Santa Claus may not leave you anything under the tree. He can be a VERY judgmental person can Santa.

December is a Gong Show, always has been and as long as I work in this industry I think it always will be. I am seriously looking for a gong for my office – I want something big that looks like this. This image is from the Gong Shop and this might be in my hands shortly.


All stops are pulled out as at this time of year and everyone is rushing to the finishing line. No time for a gentle jog, it’s a month-long sprint.

This year I am SO (x 1, 000, 000, 000) thankful that my installations are scheduled to be completed by December 10th. NEVER have I had it this good, I once (many, many years ago) ,installed draperies at a clients on Christmas Eve – seriously I thought Santa might have to lend a hand with the drapery rods!  Instead this  December we will spend the majority of the month working on our projects that are starting in January and beyond. We have 2 large renovations that are going to hit the ground running in 2015.

I am calling one project #BathroomHaven as this was the project scope we initially started with. It has morphed into some new closets in the new master bedroom, a new set of maple internal stairs, a third floor deck as well as a car port if the building department permits. I have worked with this client before and I am so happy to be back transforming the second and third floors of his home. We are working with some beautiful elements in these spaces and I am delighted that we got the Green Light on the feature mosaic wall in the master en-suite. It will transform this room!We are taking the en-suite and master bed and making this the family bath and guest room and converting the family bath and large guest room in the en-suite and master bed.

Here are the tile selections for the en-suite

En-Suite tile selections.

We will also be finalizing Project #KitchenBliss design schemes  – I swear I may move into my clients kitchen once complete. The scheme is beyond stunning and it makes me shudder just looking at it! I’m still debating hardware selections and whether or not to go with two colours on the cabinets…….something will talk to me soon and I’ll have all perfected before meeting with my clients.

Here’s the shortlist

Kitchen Design Scheme

We also have Project #ThirdFloorBliss. My clients (and let’s be honest here me) had really wanted to install a dormer on the third floor but its a no go – having met with two engineers who both came back with the same specs, we know when we are beat. So we’ll give up on a bathroom and instead, insulate, drywall and make this floor feel and look a whole lot more inviting.

In addition to the above we have a couple of new projects we are working on (# names to be decided!) and we will be back to Project #It’sAllInTheDetails in April – this time for a basement transformation.

2015 is looking really busy already!!

Canadian House & Home are going to be filming Project #ThirdFloorReno – TheFinalFrontier in early January. I am so happy about sharing this space in person with you! It’s come a long way from this –

Charlie's Third FLoor 212-bedroom-gillian-gillies-interiors

So hang on to your hats and enjoy December – there is a reason why this month only comes around once a year.


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