What’s In Store for This Month – October.

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I am loving October so far, its always a total whirlwind of a month when you are designer. I feel like I barely have time to draw breath as we are ramping up and scheduling projects for completion this year and we are also working on several new projects for 2015. Throw into the mix a couple of photo shoots for completed projects plus a shoot with Canadian House & Home – this month is looking pretty fabulous and action packed.

I am in the midst of changing my business logo and need to schedule in a meet with my printers to discuss my business cards and letter head designs – watch this space – its going to be a mix of olive green, gold and black! I can never stray far from olive green – it is my favourite colour and has been with me since I started my business.

I am just back from IDSWest in Vancouver. It was fabulous – for sure smaller than IDS Toronto but I liken IDS West to a curated boutique. I kind of wanted everything – nothing was mass market, I wasn’t overwhelmed with rows and rows of fireplaces or fridges, it was simply perfect – PLUS they understand that designers like to shop, so there was a corner dedicated to shopping and shop I did.

In a couple of weeks the super talented Tim McGhie is going to work his magic at two of my projects and I can’t wait to share the after images with you.

The first is a renovation of a main floor in North Toronto. My clients had a very cramped entrance foyer and a under utilized dining room. So over the summer we worked our magic and added lots of storage and made all the spaces much more functional and gorgeous to look at.

The dining room started of looking like this –

Sadie's Dining Room










And we’ve  updated it by adding these gorgeous textures and fabrics.

001 (2)

We also doubled the width of the entrance foyer and turned the kitchen eat-in area into a covetable dining nook.

Next on the photo shoot list Project Charlie’s Third Floor!

This was quite the renovation / undertaking and we did all with my clients living in the home. Scaffolding is a wonderful thing and it allowed us all access to the third floor – trades, machinery and supplies without us having to trek through my clients home. I kept on thinking of Mary Poppins every time I was up there.

Charlies, Third FloorCharlie's Third FLoor 2

The space is now spectacular and I can’t wait to share – you won’t believe the change. We took 2 small rooms and made them one large glorious bedroom with a massive dormer and took the 2-piece powder room and formed a very lovely family bathroom.



Canadian House & Home contacted me last week to see about filming one of my projects – great excitement ensued! The space is gorgeous, now I just have to figure out what to wear………!! We are filming in 2 weeks time.

We are working away on projects due for start in January. We are thick in the planning stages – ideas and thoughts all into the melting pot and then we’ll pick and select our favourites. To date we have 5 projects bookmarked for 2015. All with past clients. There is nothing we like better than being asked back – sometimes for a second, third or fourth time.  I love returning and seeing spaces being used, I actually like to see dented pillows and water rings on tables and dishes in the kitchen sink. It tells me the spaces we design are used and loved and nothing gives us greater pleasure. Basements being used for play dates and entrance foyer floors being used as a firm surface on which to build a jigsaw and then there are the pets who think no one knows that they lie on the furniture when the family is out – if only they could plump the seat cushions they’d maybe get away with it!

Anyhow, that’s enough chattiness from me on a Friday afternoon.

Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving Weekend! Here’s to lots of dented toss pillows & dirty dishes as we gather with the ones we love.





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