Work With Us


Our role in your design project is to introduce you to design ideas and concepts that are very much you, even if you didn’t know they existed or were you before we presented them.

Sometimes unexpected, yet always thoughtful, considered design selections are carefully made for our clients.

We cater to each client’s style and lifestyle on an individual basis.

Whether you are hiring us to design a single room in your city home, renovate your primary residence, design your forever home or decorate & furnish your chalet or cottage we use our time proven processes to guarantee a smooth journey from project start to finish.


Old Home

We are known for taking the underused and neglected areas and turning them into a space that is not only functional but personalized to the home owners. We both renovate entire homes (with and without additions) or we can also focus on a specific floor or space, such as a kitchen or bathroom.

Custom millwork, bespoke lighting and stellar storage solutions are all signature hallmarks in our interior design schemes. These can be realized because of the steadfast relationships that we have developed and cultivated over the years, based on mutual trust and respect.

New Home

Building a new home? We’ll work with your architect and builder from project concept, through construction, to completion and installation of furniture and furnishings.

Buying a new home? We work on many homes that require decoration and personalization. We can transform a new build house into your home with the careful selection of millwork, lighting, wallpaper, window coverings, upholstery, casegoods, art & accessories. We love the thrill of a blank canvas.

Green Home

We believe that timeless design is green design. We try to restore and renovate instead of replacing and tearing down. We purchase antiques and vintage pieces with soul that will become your future family heirlooms and we work with local manufactures and designers to minimize transport and shipping. We like to work with natural textiles and materials – wool, silk, linen and cotton.

Available for Magic

We know that a great design scheme can renovate not just your home but also your soul, your entire outlook on your day can change by simply sleeping in a comfy bed, showering in a great bathroom and making your morning cup of tea in a fully functional kitchen. To us it’s that simple.

In this sometimes, crazy overloaded life, we all now lead, we strive to provide our clients with a calming, cocooning experience. To achieve the results, we obtain; it requires skill, experience, humility, integrity a good sense of a humour and a dose of magic!